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Day 311

There has not been a lot to report on since day 121 apart from lots of walks uphill, downhill and some on the flat but I have gotten stronger and healthier.


Today is a significant day as I completed a 20 mile sponsored walk on behalf of the British Heart Foundation and raised £400 to date.


The walk was along the south west coastal path and there are some really steep climbs and walks. It took just over 7 and a half hours to do, so we weren't dawdling along but set a brisk pace.

This will probably be my last entry for a long time, but suffice to say, I found the walk easy, it was tiring having walked for so long but my heart, lungs and legs were strong and didnt struggle. I guess you could say I have pretty much recovered from my operation and the fitness has improved incredibly.

I am also going to the gym every other day to run, to do core work and leg work. Its a real pleasure to go to the gym and not struggle with any of the exercise. Most of this is because of the operation but having given up smoking since my heart attack, this is quite an important factor in improving my fitness and keeping myself as healthy as any other normal 50+ year old. I know it can be difficult to give up smoking, but sometimes it takes a life threatening jolt to make you want to do it !!!

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