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2nd September

So its the next morning in Poole Hospital. I've probably slept about an hour, due to several things. Alarms from patients heart monitors going off (including my own) and as its a mixed ward, theres an elderly lady really suffering from pain along with some dementia as she slips out of this world and reality and you can imagine just how frightening it would be for her, not understanding where she is and whats going on. Poor woman.

So with my heart monitor, I can detach myself from it so I can walk to the toilet. This is very useful because there is no dignity whatsoever in using a commode or a cardboard urine bottle, trust me when I say this. However, when needs must, then of course with the curtain pulled around you, you just have to go, despite the fact that everyone can hear you pooping and weeing..... No dignity.

Anyway, here I am starting my 2nd day at Poole Hospital and as I am by the window, I have a great view over the water in Poole. What a great view and how relaxing is that? Very relaxing and for a few seconds, I didn't think about what had happened to me and what I was about to endure.

Breakfast was served and if i can remember, it was cornflakes. I was quite hungry and enjoyed eating that, with a slice of toast as well. Food at Poole Hospital was good, tasty and enjoyable. I was confused however as to why they asked me to fill out a lunch menu and dinner menu because I was going to Bournemouth Hospital for angiogram. How wrong I was!!!! 

My partner turned up later in the afternoon with a few changes of underwear, toiletries and a few other bits to help me get through my day without getting too bored. Later I was asking nurses about what was happening to my transfer to Bournemouth Hospital for my angiogram? Surely I was going to Bournemouth Hospital today? The reply was that was the hope of what would happen, but of course, there had to be a bed available for me for an angiogram. That kind of makes sense doesn't it? Guess what happens when you're worrying about things? Yep..... you don't always think straight and think of the obvious. I was totally focused on my heart attack and the impending angiogram and other things that were on my mind. For instance, only the week before I put my house up for sale..... So I'm also thinking that I should contact the estate agents and let them know whats happened to me and potentially take the property off the market. Anyway....... nurse is indicating it probably won't be today and hopefully tomorrow I will be transferred to Bournemouth.

Hopefully???? Jeez, the worry never ends. So another sleepness night in Poole Hospital is upon me.

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