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Day 121

So after waiting what feels like an eternity to go for a run, I had permission from my GP and also the cardiac rehab nurse to start a gentle jog. The discussion with the cardiac rehab nurse was quite simple. Listen to your body. I would suggest you do the same as well.

We also agreed that I would jog for 1 minute, followed by a walk for 1 minute and so on until I finish. I was given a heart rate to watch out for and not exceed, which was a range of 88 to 121 maximum.

So on day 121 after leaving hospital, I went for my jog/walk. I went with my partner so she could tell me when to jog and when to walk, which is very useful, as I just tend to keep going without realising. We had planned our route, 2 miles around the streets and that should be a good start for me to eventually not only continuing to run but also take it further.

The first part was walking for 1 minute, and I am now very comfortable with walking, as I have done lots of that so far! I was very eager to get running. 

When I started to jog, it felt good, I felt good and got into a nice rhythm. After 2 miles, I wasn't too out of breath, just enough to get the heart rate going and boy did it feel good. Periodically throughout the 2 miles I checked my heart rate and the maximum it got to was 124bpm, which is ok.

So for my 1st jog/walk it felt really good and I very much enjoyed it. At last, I felt that I was starting to get back to normal. The key thing to keep in mind if you ever have to go through what I have gone through, is the fact all of this recovery process is NOT a race. Its a slow and steady thing and rome wasn't built in a day, as much as you and I would like to progress quickly, the body really does need time to heal.

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