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Day 55

 Today after speaking to my Cardiac Rehab nurse, I was given permission to up my game. She sent me a link to the BHF (British Heart Foundation) website and I could start phase 3 exercises at home. 

55mins of gentle exercise and keeping within my training heart rate zone as she had calculated, I found all the exercises very gentle and easy apart from one which perhaps I was being a bit more vigourous than the video was showing, but it was a good sign that i could easily do the exercises. 3 times a week, which is not a problem. So the other days of the week I could go for a walk. She wanted me to do one hour, which included a warm up walk of 10 or 15mins as well as the warm down, so about 30 or 40mins of brisk walking.

So after the exercise, I decided to try the walk (I know it should be the day i dont do an exercise at home) but I am feeling super great and I could always shorten the walk, or walk slower....... I just needed to get out and have a walk!

So an hour and 20mins later, the walk was done, very brisk walk, 4.4miles later and 10,102 steps and I felt great. I have found a new route and its very scenic, so I will do that from now on. 1 day of walking, and then 1 day of rest possibly. 

Found out later in the evening I have pulled a small muscle in my chest with the exercise video I was following. Its not overly painful, only when I do certain things with my hands, like clenching or pulling a tea towel (thats how I discovered it) Its always the simple tihngs!! A night of rest and it should be ok in the morning. So the reason I am putting this down here, is to warn anyone that its highly suggestable to stick with the program/video and don't over do it. 

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