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Day 28

Today was a lovely change to my normal routine walk. I went to Stourhead in Wiltshire (National Trust) and although you have to book online before going to ensure its not overcrowded due  to Covid-19, it was a really lovely walk. Probably over a mile leisurely walk, steps on my phone indicated 5620 steps, so a little less than normal but there was a couple of inclines as well to get the heart racing. Worst incline was the walk back up to the car park. Thats quite steep, and my partner had to tell me to slow down as I tend to walk fast uphill, downhill and on the flat. I was out of breath at the top but still able to hold a conversation and although I have been there before a number of times, this was the easiest walk back up to the car park i have experienced due to smoking before my heart attack.

A lovely day none the less.

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