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Recovery and Progress

So the first day back from hospital was all about relaxing and settling in and taking it all in as to what happened with me. A close call? Maybe, but now it was time to start the long road to recovery, but I was determined to do it and get fit quickly.

***Note - I had palpitations continuously after getting home which lasted for 9 weeks. I had them checked out with a 24 hour ECG monitor. The day I went to collect it, the palpitations stopped and never returned. Occasionally, like everyone, I will rarely now have a palpitation that lasts a second and thats it. Always get it checked out with your doctor if you are unsure, most of the time they are harmless. Fit and healthy people also get them, and stress can cause them too. So think about that, perhaps a change in your lifestyle may make a difference for you.

road to recovery

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An informative read in general a very similar experience, how many grafts did you actually have?
Wednesday, 04 October 2023
Alexander Brodrip
A great account - thanks
Brilliantly written, I formative and helpful for anyone that’s been through or about to have heart surgery.
Wednesday, 09 November 2022
Thank You
Thanks for this - I've not read so much for years - will get onto the Recovery as soon as I get the chance. Not looking forward to the nostril bit - I sneeze every time anything goes up my nose!
Friday, 28 January 2022