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Day 3

Off I went for a walk! Same route, ensuring I included a brisk walk, perhaps a tiny bit faster and a warm down at the end. This walking is easy! Still breathing deep as best I could which is crucial to filling your lungs back up and expanding them to what they were before the operation. Please read the section called Bypass as I mention the surgeons collapsing lungs by hand.


collapsed lungs, same route, breathing deep

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An informative read in general a very similar experience, how many grafts did you actually have?
Wednesday, 04 October 2023
Alexander Brodrip
A great account - thanks
Brilliantly written, I formative and helpful for anyone that’s been through or about to have heart surgery.
Wednesday, 09 November 2022
Thank You
Thanks for this - I've not read so much for years - will get onto the Recovery as soon as I get the chance. Not looking forward to the nostril bit - I sneeze every time anything goes up my nose!
Friday, 28 January 2022