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Day 28

Today was a lovely change to my normal routine walk. I went to Stourhead in Wiltshire (National Trust) and although you have to book online before going to ensure its not overcrowded due  to Covid-19, it was a really lovely walk. Probably over a mile leisurely walk, steps on my phone indicated 5620 steps, so a little less than normal but there was a couple of inclines as well to get the heart racing. Worst incline was the walk back up to the car park. Thats quite steep, and my partner had to tell me to slow down as I tend to walk fast uphill, downhill and on the flat. I was out of breath at the top but still able to hold a conversation and although I have been there before a number of times, this was the easiest walk back up to the car park i have experienced due to smoking before my heart attack.

A lovely day none the less.

Day 56

Today was a walk in the countryside. I was a bit apprehensive about this walk as it was a walk I had done before my heart attack and it was a long and mostly uphill walk. Last time I did this I had to stop every 50metres or so to catch my breath and also because of pain in my calf muscles due to what I thought was the steepness of the hill.

Today was so much easier than before. It was emotional just how much I was struggling in the past, but now I feel like I could walk forever. It was a strange emotional feeling but elation was the main feeling. I could do this walk without issues, yes slightly out of breath when i got to the end, but that would not have been possible before, i would have been gasping. This is mainly due to smoking and of course over the years the arteries were getting reduced due to this, so oxygen getting around my bloodstream was more difficult and hence why my calf muscles were aching i think. Today, there was none of that.

The walk was from Stourhead to Alfreds tower in wiltshire. 4.7 miles and only 10,833 steps. This is 8 weeks post op, not doing too bad I think, but am aware of not overstepping the mark. Tomorrow i will probably take a rest and not walk anywhere, although I could easily do that, I don't want to push it too much, I think i have already done over and beyond what I am supposed to be doing but I do feel fine, but don't want to risk it. Heres a couple of photos of the area. Beautiful scenic route. If ever you find yourself in Wiltshire, its always worthwhile to visit Stourhead for a walk. Run by the National Trust, its iconic in Autumn. Highly recommended.

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